My Intention is to HELP you with the inner work towards finding love with the philosophy that - "NOTHING WILL KEEP YOUR SOULMATE FROM YOU. YOU GET LOVE FOR THIS IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!


Gail De Souza, LLAC is a Leadership Love Attraction Coach based in London, helps people in the four areas of Soulmate, Relationships, Business and Career.


With experienced in working both in the dental industry, recruitment consultacy, health & wellbeing services both in the public and private sectors, Gail is well versed in working with people from culturally diverse backgrounds. She has spent 28 years studying the A-Z of spiritual teachings with a conclusion that Love must flow in all areas of your life to build successful relationships.  


Gail's clientbase extends from individuals, business owners, medical & dental professionals step into success in business, self-esteem empowerment & relationships.  With relationship coaching this has seen a growth with professionals where they have move from medicocre relationships and step into attracting suited partners who supports them in excelling in their chosen field. 


Brought up in a house where the law was discussed and implemented in some shape or form, Gail did not hesitate to confront things that were fundamental breaches when it came to justice. She has embraced the understanding that the law shapes politics, economics, history, and society in various ways and serves as a mediator of relations between people. The universal laws are based on love, so it seems right that this would lead to following the path of the law of attraction and coaching people into lasting love.  


Like the architects of the Royal Courts of Justice in London, that incorporated gargoyles on the buildings that would cause mischief, Gail likens herself to these playful figures that bring joy and exuberance for all who wish to balance the scales into soulmate love. In 2000 Gail De Souza qualified as a Life Coach with Charles Bentley Associate and in 2015 qualified as a Certified Love Attraction Coach trained by Kathryn Alice, Rscp. In 2017 she became a Leadership Love Attraction Coach and leads the team of coaches hosting the “Preparing For Love” Virtual Summit.  


My message is to bring love out in areas of your life where love is required this ranges from career, relationship, money and for those who are single, their SOULMATE.  By doing the transformational "inner work" it allows you to be open to "get love".  This process is organic and it is based on the individual's commitment and desire to oneself.  Using a 5 step signature system to work through issues that have held you back; this being programmed beliefs, things you were told when you were younger and sometime those who are close to you who may not understand.



"With your Soulmate you will feel love to a degree you didn't know was possible."

                                                                       Kathryn Alice

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