Preparing For Love – Consciously Creating The Love Life Of Your Dreams for smart successful women who need to know how to Attract Your Soulmate partner and to create a lifelong love life. Your host for these series are love Beth Gayden, Bryn Erin, Kelly Garnett & Gail De Souza. We have a number of Love experts to navigate you through from preparing you from meeting, engagement, marriage & beyond, including Kathryn Alice, Best Selling Author of Love Will Find You & leading expert on soulmate relationships.  The Virtual Summit Aired on 1st - 17th December 2017, 16 love & relationship experts for “Preparing For LOVE". virtual summit. Whether you are single, in a new relationship or have been married for years this seminar series will offer techniques and strategies on how to get the love you want. 


When you’re spiritually dating more often you tend to have an open heart therefore, when breaking up it isn’t as hard to do for you understand that there is a grieving period where you need to release the attachment you have to that person. If we do not recognize this, we may either stay attached or we may build a wall against future relationships to avoid experiencing the pain again.


If your partner has ended the relationship, you can BE FREE and magnetize your soulmate more quickly. Although, everyone has their own process they can sometime get caught up in the amount of emerging spiritual methods. Nevertheless, you try to find whatever you need to move forward.

Releasing a Person: A Transformational to Give You Freedom & Your Life Back: Letting go of a person can be the hardest release of all. It is also one of the most powerful skills you can learn. This spiritual practice will serve you for the rest of your life and set you free to feel true, mutual love with no holds barred.

•    Let go of a romantic attachment, a break-up or divorce. Recover from a bereavement.
•    Invite in true, Divine love
•    Finally get over this tie that holds you back
•    Find yourSelf as your ultimate source of love and be free
•    Step into a life of real connectedness where love is everywhere
•    Exercises, sharing, healing and releasing time
•    Conscious release of the person you’re ready to let go of


Gail De Souza, based in London, has trained with Kathryn's Alice’s  love magnetization, relationship & dating techniques. If you need support in opening to love or have been blocked, working with Gail is the best way to gain the impetus you need to break through into soulmate love.  www.


Love & Soulmate Event 19th September 2015 


Ready for Your SOULMATE? Going through a divorce, heartbreak, unrequited love or breakup? -  Kathryn Alice, love & soulmate expert in 5 continents 

Hosted by: Ms Gail De Souza, Certified Love Attraction Coach, an exciting evening centred around Love & Soulmates. 

We would like help people to understand the concept of Soulmates and the journey to Manifestation

  • Proven powerful techniques on getting yourself ready to Soulmate Level to attract the one
  • Understanding how to blast through the BLOCKS you have to love
  • Revitalize you mind as to understanding importance of Soulmate relationships
  • Strengthen your goals & connect to love


Including other guests:

  • There will be a draw for 3 lucky winners to have 1 hour telephone coaching with Ms Gail De Souza, Certified Love Attraction Coach
  • The evening will also include a rare chance to do a powerful soulmate magnetisation live with Kathryn Alice.
  • Sam Powers Motivational Speaker
  • Jon Tompkins performing “Manifesting Love
  • Fashion with a spin

Join us for a fun event packed with amazing singles to learn how to get what you want in love.  This work has resulted in thousands of weddings, saved marriages and healings. 

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Kathryn Alice & Gail De Souza at the Love & Soulmate 19th September 2015

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